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Samsung VC08QHNDC6B/SB

Bomann BS 912 CB

Bomann AKS 920 CB

Electrolux ZCX 6470 CycloneXL

Dirt Devil Trendino M680

Samsung SC7023

LG V-K73145H

Doffler VCC 2201

Катунь 403

Bosch BGS 62232

Doffler VCC 1405

Samsung SC8871

Bomann BS 971 CB

Rowenta RO 3463

Philips FC 6051

Rowenta RH 8453

Rowenta RH 8552

Rowenta RH 8571

Samsung SC4472

Heyner 222100

Heyner 210

Rowenta RH 7755

Rowenta RH 8575

Rowenta RH 8771

Rowenta RH 8758

Rowenta RH 8775

LG V-K78183R

LG V-K73141H

Scarlett SC-282 (2008)

Saturn ST VC7283

Orion OVC-018

Scarlett SC-288 (2008)

Elbee Viridi 22012

Elbee Ruber 22011

Hoover Sensory TS1962

Samsung VC-C8685

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