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Taurus GEYSER 1800

Rotex RIC22-W

Витязь Витязь-601

Rotex RIC20-W

Philips GC 6320

Rotex RIN17-W

Irit IR-2031

Philips GC 1701

Philips GC 6360

Rotex RIS19-W

Smile SI 1805

Rotex RIC 20-W


Bomann DBS 769 R CB

Ладомир Ладомир 15

MPM AJ-2018/C

Rotex RIC40-W

Rotex RIC42-W

Viconte VC-4302 (2011)

Rotex RIC19-W

Wellton WI-10TR

Elbee 12026 Balu

Wellton WI-180

Tefal FV3820

Wellton WI-120

Rowenta DZ 2120

Wellton WI-1201

Tefal FV5240

Lumme LU-1122

Wellton WI-1401


Polaris PIR 2445K

Polaris PIR 2050K

Polaris PIR 2257

Polaris PIR 2855

Sencor SSI 8421

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