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Desany WMC-4366 Washing Machine
Desany WMC-4366

51.00x42.00x76.00 cmfront; freestanding;
Washing Machine Desany WMC-4366
download type: front
setup method: freestanding
manufacturer: Desany
spin speed ​​(rpm): 600.00
number of programs: 15
special washing programs: super-rinse, express laundry, wash delicate fabrics, preventing creasing
width (cm): 51.00
depth (cm): 42.00
height (cm): 76.00
additionally: choice of washing temperature
maximum load (kg): 3.60
display: no
wash class: B
spin efficiency class: E
weight of the washing machine (kg): 50.00
color washing machine: white
washable wool
undo spin
ability to select the spin speed
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Desany ECO-EGG XBB10-1-O3 белый Washing Machine
Desany ECO-EGG XBB10-1-O3 белый

30.00x30.00x50.00 cmvertical; freestanding;
Washing Machine Desany ECO-EGG XBB10-1-O3 белый
download type: vertical
setup method: freestanding
operating the washing machine: mechanical
manufacturer: Desany
width (cm): 30.00
depth (cm): 30.00
height (cm): 50.00
maximum load (kg): 1.00
display: no
color washing machine: white
protection from water leaks
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